The First Real Week

Year: 2

This week was a long week. In some ways, it felt like the first “real” week of teaching. It was the first week I’ve had to teach difficult content for full class periods every day of the week; it held the first few uncomfortable conversations about students’ efforts and involvement in the class; it gave me the first real, difficult confrontation with a student. It also ended with a fantastic Friday, a day that involved my principal riding into my room on a tricycle, all classes enthusiastic about the book we started reading today, and generally just positive interactions throughout the day.

In other words, it was my first real week of teaching because it was my first normal week of teaching. I never forget how strange that would sound to someone outside of teaching. Wait, a kid did what in that class and it’s considered normal? Wait, your boss rode into your classroom with a tricycle?

It definitely had some bumps (mornings, evenings, in between class periods…) but it felt like a successful week by the end of today. That being said: bring on the three-day weekend.

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