The Return

Year: 2

Two days back from winter break!

We are starting the year off running; after a short review, my students are already reading informational texts and writing about them in order to prep for our class text, Flesh & Blood So Cheap, for quarter three. This is really the only way to start the year again, I think. Had I a more sluggish start to the week, I think I’d still be feeling sluggish today.

Before returning to school, I’d fallen into a bit of a mental trap of thinking that I would return to teaching with the same exhaustion I felt leaving it. I’d felt that last year, but that had been my first year teaching, so I can’t exactly trust that as reliable. As the last few days of winter break closed in on quarter three, I felt a bit of nerves that this year would repeat last year.

And although I felt a bit rusty yesterday, but today felt good. My management was smooth, the kids were engaged in discussions, and I had few disciplinary issues. Now, it is teaching – so is tomorrow, the next day, and the rest of the week going to feel sparkly and flawless? Probably not. But I’m feeling motivated and optimistic about this quarter (or, at least, this week).

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